Hamstring Injuries Treatment Clinic Questions and Answers

Hamstring Injuries Treatment Clinic Questions and Answers

Hamstring injuries often happen as a result of exercise or participation in sports that cause the muscle to stretch beyond its limit. If you have pulled a hamstring muscle, the team at Ortho OIC can provide you with a proper treatment plan to get you back on the field. You can call our office or request an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 1701 Clarendon Blvd Suite 120, Arlington, VA 22209.

Hamstring Injuries Treatment Clinic Near Me in Arlington, VA
Hamstring Injuries Treatment Clinic Near Me in Arlington, VA

What causes hamstring injuries?

The hamstring is made up of a group of three muscles that are found on the back side of the upper portion of your leg, known as the thigh. A hamstring injury can occur in any one of these three muscles, or any combination of the muscles. Hamstring injuries typically happen while participating in sports that involve sudden or sharp stop and start movements, as well as quick changes in direction. Common sports where participants experience hamstring injuries include soccer, football, basketball and tennis. Runners and dancers also have a higher likelihood of hamstring injuries due to the increased strain and extreme stretching pressure placed on the muscles. The risks of developing a hamstring injury can also increase if you don’t properly warm up prior to exercising, have previously injured the muscle, have poor flexibility or if you have an imbalance in the muscles from the front of your thigh, to the quadriceps, and the hamstrings. The specialists at Ortho OIC can diagnose a hamstring injury and provide you with treatment recommendations to help ease the pain and prevent future injuries.

How long does it take to recover from a hamstring injury?

Healing time from an injury will vary from one person to another, depending on their body’s natural healing process and how mild or severe the injury was, as well as which muscle was injured. In the case of a hamstring injury, healing time can be a matter of a few days for very mild strained hamstrings, up to 18 months for severe hamstring injuries. In most cases, a hamstring injury can have an active person sidelined for several weeks while the muscle heals. People with a hamstring injury will want to ensure it is properly healed and steps are taken to avoid reinjuring the area as the chances of injuring the hamstring increase once it has been injured once. The specialists at Ortho OIC will examine the area to determine the extent of the injury and provide you with a treatment plan to heal the pulled muscle, as well as a preventative plan to avoid reinjury in future.

How do you know if you have a pulled hamstring?

A pulled hamstring can vary in severity from mild pain to severe pain that prevents you from being able to walk or put weight on the leg. You may have heard people say they “pulled a hammy” while participating in sports, after they’ve made a sudden change in direction or come to a sudden stop. Typically, a hamstring injury will cause an immediate, sharp pain radiating from the back of the thigh. Some people can also feel a tearing or popping sensation in the affected area. In many cases, a pulled hamstring results in swelling and tenderness in the back of the leg, where the affected muscle is. There may also be bruising or a discoloration on the back of the leg. Muscle weakness is a common side effect and in severe cases, weight can’t be put on the leg and the injured person may not be able to walk without experiencing a large amount of pain. At Ortho OIC we see pulled hamstring injuries regularly, and are able to diagnose the extent of the injury to determine if it is mild and can be treated at home, or if it is more severe and requires more elaborate treatment.

How do you treat hamstring injuries?

Hamstring injury treatment will vary based on the severity of the injury and how much pain the injured person is in. Mild hamstring pain is easily treated through a variety of at-home treatments, while severe hamstring injuries will require a medical evaluation to determine the right course of treatment. The specialists at Ortho OIC can recommend a series of treatment options to help manage your pain and reduce any swelling. First and foremost, rest is key to allow the muscle time to heal. Additionally, you can wrap the area using a compression bandage or by wearing compression shorts or pants, apply ice to the area on a regular basis, use over the counter medications to ease pain and use crutches or a cane to avoid putting weight on the leg. In some cases, your doctor may recommend physiotherapy to help with the healing process, as well as gain strength in the leg and balance out any muscle weaknesses.

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