3 Common Sports Injuries with Treatment Near Me

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Common sports injuries that can be treated at an urgent care

Common sports injuries are injuries that occur during sports or exercise. However, know that common sports injuries are not exclusive to athletes. Common sports injuries often refer to the type of injury to a part of the body. However, these injuries do not always happen “on the field.” Common sports injuries typically affect the musculoskeletal system, which is the body system that provides the body’s stability and enables movement. These common sports injuries may happen during routine daily activities while working or during any physical activity. Be prepared for when you find yourself looking for sports injuries treatments near me. 

What are the most common sports injuries?

  1. Sprains

Sprains are one of the most common sports injuries. Sprains are stretches, tears, or a twist of ligaments attached to a joint. Sprains are often the result of a fall or a forceful hit. Sprains are painful but do not cause joint dislocation. Sprains can vary in severity from an overstretched ligament to a torn ligament. The most common sprains treated from sports injuries are the ankles, knees, and wrists.

  • Fractures

Fractures are breaks in the bone that can be from an initial or repeat injury to that bone. A fracture refers to any break in the bone, but the term fracture is often used when a complete break has not occurred, such as a hairline fracture or a slight crack in the bone. Sports fractures are often the result of falls.

  • Dislocations

Joints are the connection point of two bones. When an injury occurs that causes the joint to disconnect, it’s referred to as a dislocation. Contact sports are a frequent cause of dislocations. Dislocations in common sports injuries are usually in shoulders, elbows, fingers, and knees. 

Visit an Urgent Care for Common Sports Injuries Treatments Near Me

The immediate response when looking for common sports injuries treatments near me is often to visit the emergency room (ER). However, when common sports injuries treatment requires immediate attention, a visit to urgent care will do the job. OrthoOIC in Arlington, Virginia, offers efficient and expert medical care for common sports injuries in the Washington metro communities of Arlington, Falls Church, Fairfax, Alexandria, and more.