Convenient Orthopedic Care

Having access to non-life-threatening urgent care centers can help you take care of any illnesses or injuries that need immediate attention. Some urgent care centers specialize in treating specific injuries, including orthopedic injuries and conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system.

When you need immediate orthopedic care, you can count on Ortho OIC. We provide urgent orthopedics near Arlington, Virginia, and the surrounding areas.

What Is Orthopedic Urgent Care?

You can visit an orthopedic urgent care center when you have an orthopedic condition or injury that needs immediate attention. These centers are specialty clinics with providers who have dedicated training and education in treating musculoskeletal injuries and other conditions that affect bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Musculoskeletal injuries include sprains, strains, back and neck pain and fractures. Receiving immediate treatment for your injuries or conditions is vital to ensure proper healing and comfort.

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What Orthopedic Doctors Can Do

Orthopedic doctors at urgent care centers will care for any injuries or conditions you have with your bones, ligaments, joints, tendons and nerves. When you visit an orthopedic urgent care center, the physicians will:

  • Diagnose and treat injuries caused by physical activities or sports.
  • Help you avoid pain and discomfort from overuse injuries.
  • Help you manage conditions like arthritis to provide comfort.

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Benefits of Immediate Orthopedic Care

Injuries occur spontaneously. Visit an urgent care center when you receive a non-life-threatening wound that needs medical attention outside of your primary physician’s office hours. Going to an orthopedic urgent care center can provide you with many benefits to ensure your injury or condition receives medical attention.

1. Specialty Care Access

When you visit an orthopedic urgent care center, you work with specialists who can provide solutions to your specific orthopedic issue. The experts ensure you receive the best treatment possible to relieve pain and help you heal.

2. Shorter Wait Times and Quicker Care

Urgent care centers usually have a reasonable wait time before a patient is seen by a medical professional. Patients who visit urgent care centers don’t have life-threatening injuries or conditions, so the care requires less testing. With less extensive inspections needed, urgent care centers can see patients quicker.

3. Extended Hours Available 

If you or someone you know gets injured during the night or on the weekend when many doctor offices are closed, you can still receive care by visiting an urgent care center. We offer extended hours 6 days a week – schedule an appointment today!

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Urgent Orthopedic Care Services

An urgent orthopedic care center can treat your symptoms and injuries quickly, effectively and affordably whenever you suffer a minor fracture, sprain, strain or pain. Some services you can find at a convenient orthopedic care center include the following.

1. Unexplained Pain

Experiencing occasional aches and pains is fairly common. When you have inexplicable pain that’s been persistent for a couple of days, visiting an urgent care center can help you figure out where the pain could be coming from and if you have an injury you didn’t know about.

2. Back Strains

Back pain often stems from a muscle strain or sprain. If you ever experience a debilitating pain or a sharp, sudden pain that doesn’t go away, you may want to visit urgent care. While most back strains heal with time, you can receive strain relief at an urgent care center. 

3. Ankle Sprains

The abrupt twisting of your ankle while walking, running or playing sports can cause one or more ligaments to rupture, stretch or partially tear, causing an ankle sprain. If you sprain your ankle, visit an orthopedic urgent care to receive proper treatment. The physician can provide you with a compression wrap and crutches to help you stay mobile while keeping pressure off the injured area.

4. Fractures

If you fracture a bone, receiving treatment fast is vital to ensure it heals properly. An orthopedic urgent care center has medical professionals with specific knowledge to best treat fractures and other orthopedic injuries.

5. Sports Injuries

Sports create forces on the musculoskeletal system that may cause acute or chronic damage. An orthopedic urgent care allows immediate intervention for acute injuries and sustained care for chronic injuries to maintain function and optimal health.

6. Knee Sprains

A tear or overstretch of ligaments in the knee can lead to a knee sprain. If you’re feeling pain with movement, or swelling following an injury, you may want to consider visiting an orthopedic urgent care.

7. Shoulder Sprains

A tear in shoulder ligaments can result in a shoulder sprain. A visit to an orthopedic urgent care can evaluate the severity and provide an immediate treatment plan to reduce pain and put you on the fast track to back to full health.

8. Hand Sprains

A stretch or tear in the ligament of your hand may result in a hand sprain. Your hands are vital in everyday use and treatment with an orthopedic urgent care will provide the safest road to recovery with minimal complications.

9. Wrist Sprains

Your wrist is made of several small bones held together with various ligaments. This bones shift whether through natural movement or trauma but can be stressed and overstretched causing a sprain. Whether an injury occurs due to sports or everyday life, a visit with an orthopedic urgent care will ensure you are mended quickly and safely.

Whenever you need convenient orthopedic care in the Tysons Corner and Arlington area, you can count on Ortho OIC. We’ll help you receive immediate orthopedic care so you can heal and be pain-free. Schedule an appointment online and we will call you to confirm.

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