Workplace Injuries

Workplace Injury Treatment

When you get hurt at work, it’s crucial to receive treatment as soon as possible to ensure your injury doesn’t get worse. Whether your job is in an office or a factory, suffering an injury can make it hard to continue your daily tasks. Often, workplace injury cases involve the musculoskeletal system and occur due to repetitive actions without time for healing and rest. Musculoskeletal injuries can progress gradually while putting strain on your body.

You can come to Ortho OIC to receive treatment whenever you suffer orthopedic work injuries near Arlington, Virginia. We provide immediate orthopedic care to help workers heal properly.

Learn about common workplace injuries and how orthopedic urgent care can help you obtain the treatment you need for recovery.

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Top 10 Workplace Injuries

Knowing common workplace injuries and how to prevent them can help decrease workplace accidents while increasing your employees’ safety. Learn more about the top 10 injuries workers endure on the job.

1. Overexertion

You can easily overexert yourself if your job constantly involves carrying, lifting, throwing, holding or pulling objects. Overexertion injuries include sprains and strains, which could happen in your wrists and arms or legs and ankles.

2. Same-Level Falls

Anyone can fall while walking or running on a surface. Incident like same-level falls can happen anywhere and at any time, making them one of the most common injuries.

3. Falls to a Lower Level

Falling from a height to a lower surface can cause severe injuries. You can get seriously hurt if you fall from a ladder, roof or other elevated structure or surface. Depending on the industry and circumstance, a fall injury at work could even be fatal.

4. Struck by Object or Equipment

A severe injury can occur if an object or equipment falls on or hits you.

5. Other Exertions and Bodily Reactions

Other exertions and bodily reaction accidents happen when individuals engage in free bodily motion and practice extreme physical action or effort. Bodily reaction accidents and injuries can happen at any job. Injuries could result from:

  • Free bodily motion.
  • Assumption of an unnatural position.
  • Maintaining a single position for a long time.
  • Repetition of a bodily motion.
  • Excessive physical effort.

6. Vehicular Roadway Incidents

Workers can get hurt in vehicular accidents. Whether the job involves driving construction equipment, cars or semitrucks, an incident can occur when least expected. Drivers, passengers or pedestrians may get hurt depending on the accident.

7. Slips or Trips Without Falling

Slips and trips can occur when there’s limited traction between the walking surface and an individual’s shoes. Tripping and slipping can also happen if there’s a rugged surface or unforeseen change in steps or flooring.

8. Compressed or Caught by Equipment

Employees caught or compressed by an object or equipment can result in severe injuries or death. An individual’s body part could get crushed or captured by a piece of equipment or object at work.

9. Struck Against Equipment or Object

If a worker runs into an obstruction or object sticking out, like a beam, they can get hurt. Running into another person can also cause injuries.

10. Repetitive Motions

Workers that perform the same or similar motions repeatedly every day are susceptible to injuries. The injuries could involve parts of the musculoskeletal system, like tendons, ligaments, bones or muscles.

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What Should Happen When You Get Injured at Work?

After seeking necessary treatment, one of the first things you must do when getting injured at work is report it to your employer. Making your employer and insurance aware of your accident and injuries as soon as possible helps increase your chances of receiving workers’ compensation without complications. Typically, you should report the injury within 30 days of it happening.

Once your insurance and employer are aware of your injury, filing a workers’ compensation claim is the next action you should take. File your claim within 30 days of the accident or according to your specific time restraint to ensure you can receive the most benefits.

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What Is the Best Way to Deal With Injuries?

Depending on the injury you sustain at work, the first possible thing you want to do is get ice on it. Ice will soothe your pain and the swelling while decreasing inflammation. You can also practice deep breathing to help you get through the pain when it’s at its worst. If your injury is life- or limb-threatening, visit an emergency room to receive immediate care. You can visit an urgent care center or your employer’s medical provider for less severe injuries.

Taking care of your immediate health is essential. Once you begin pain relief and feel like you can handle your situation, you can focus on your workers’ compensation.

When Should You Seek Treatment?

You should seek treatment right away, even if your injury seems minor. After a work-related accident, seeing a medical professional helps you begin healing and recovering fast. It also makes it easier to prove the injury happened at work if you have opponents claiming your injury and work are unrelated.

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Where Can You Go if You Get Injured at Work?

After notifying your employer about your injuries, you should seek treatment. According to Code §65.2-603 of Virginia’s workers’ compensation law, employers are responsible for providing medical treatment for the injured employee, free of charge and for as long as needed. Employers can create a group of physicians for the individual to choose from to receive treatment.

Waiting to get treatment can hurt your chances of fully recovering. You could forget important details about your injury while simultaneously suffering from symptoms. The longer you wait to get treated, the higher the risk of complications arising.

When you visit the doctor for the first time, explain the incident and how you got hurt. Ensure you emphasize receiving the injury at work so the doctor can note it in their report. Fully describing how you were hurt can help your doctor understand your condition better, maximizing their potential to provide the proper treatment.

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What Should You Tell Your Doctor?

When you visit the doctor after your workplace injury, it’s vital to tell them everything possible, from how the incident occurred to any minor symptoms you are experiencing. Let your doctor know as much as possible to ensure they understand the severity of your situation. 

During the visit, follow these guidelines:

  • Provide accurate and honest information: Describe your symptoms truthfully and with enough detail so your doctor can fully understand what you’re feeling. Your doctor will provide the best solutions when they know what they are working with.
  • Be inclusive of everything you’re feeling: Tell your doctor about every symptom, even if it seems minor. Your doctor will distinguish what symptoms could become more severe in the future and provide necessary treatment to help relieve pain and take proactive steps for recovery.
  • Offer straightforward answers without speculation: Be honest when answering questions from the doctor. If you don’t know the answer, say so. Avoiding speculation is best to ensure you and your doctor have the same understanding.
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What Workplace Injury Treatment Can You Get at Urgent Orthopedic Care?

If you suffer a work injury in Arlington, Virginia, you can visit Ortho OIC for treatment. We provide specialized care in orthopedics, providing solutions for injuries and pain. You can count on us to offer workplace injury treatment whenever you sustain an orthopedic trauma. 

Common conditions we provide treatment for include:

  • Muscle, ligament, tendon and joint sprains.
  • Wrist and forearm injuries.
  • Simple bone fractures.
  • Pain in lower extremities such as the hip and knee.
  • Dislocated shoulder, broken collarbone or sprain in the AC joint.

Overexertion injuries in the workplace like sprains or strains can become more severe if not taken care of appropriately. When you need proper treatment, an orthopedic urgent care center like Ortho OIC has specialists who can care for you. We’ll also ensure you receive a complete examination and diagnosis if you endure a fall injury at work. Our specialists have the knowledge and training to help you efficiently.

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Visit Ortho OIC for Work Injury Treatment

If you or a colleague get injured at work, you can count on Ortho OIC to provide treatment. Our compassionate and kind specialist team can help you fully recover. You can come to us whenever you need care for a work injury near Arlington, Virginia. We serve patients in areas across Virginia such as Arlington, Fairfax, Alexandria and Falls Church. We also serve Washington, D.C. and Bethesda, Maryland, patients.

When you’re ready to receive treatment, you can schedule an appointment online or give us a call to speak with a specialist today!

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