Bone Fracture Treatment

Bone fractures need immediate treatment to ensure the bones heal properly. If you ever sustain a fracture, you can visit an urgent care center like Ortho OIC to receive treatment. We’re an urgent care center that specializes in caring for orthopedic situations. If you endure a bone fracture and need a fracture diagnosis near Arlington, Virginia, you can come to Ortho OIC for treatment.

Learn about bone fractures and how we can provide you with quality broken bone treatment.

What Is a Bone Fracture?

A bone fracture is when you break a bone. It can fragment into two or several pieces. The break could also happen straight across the bone or along its length, depending on how the injury occurred.

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Types of Bone Fractures

Bones can crack or break in many different ways. You can sustain several types of bone fractures you could sustain, including:

  • Stress fractures: A bone gets a small crack after enduring repetitive stress, force or overuse.
  • Partial fractures: A partial fracture is when the break doesn’t go entirely through the bone.
  • Complete fractures: Complete fractures occur when the bone separates into two pieces.
  • Closed fractures: If your bone fractures and your skin remains intact, it’s a closed fracture.
  • Open fractures: When the bone fracture causes your skin to open, the injury is known as an open or compound fracture.

Patients can sustain fractures after participating in various physical activities, like sports or working in fast-paced environments. Fractures also are common when people fall or get into car accidents. You can sustain fractures in almost any part of your body due to a blow, fall or another traumatic event. Common body parts that can get fractured include:

  • Wrists.
  • Ankles.
  • Collarbones.
  • Arms.
  • Feet.
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Symptoms of a Bone Fracture

You can experience different symptoms depending on the area your bone fracture occurs. When you endure a fracture, common signs and symptoms you could experience include:

  • Severe pain.
  • Bleeding, bruising and swelling.
  • Broken skin with bone protruding.
  • Unusual and noticeable twist, bump or bend.
  • Limited range of motion or inability to move the fractured area.

Whenever you experience a bone fracture, it’s vital to receive treatment as soon as possible to ensure your bones can heal properly.

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Treatment for Bone Fractures

Treatment for bone fractures depends on what area was fractured. It’s important to ensure the injured area correctly heals so you can use the body part normally again. Fracture treatments use an immobilization technique that is either non-operative or surgical. Most fractures can heal with non-operative methods, such as a splint, brace or cast. Keeping the bones immobile and straight ensures the bone grows back together.

A doctor will set the bone and properly align it so the bone can reconnect and heal with new tissue growth that fills the gap.

A partial fracture treatment may require a splint to keep the bone straight while it heals. If your fracture is more severe, your doctor may recommend surgery to ensure proper alignment and healing. The bone fracture treatment you receive at Ortho OIC will ensure you restore functionality in the fractured area.

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What Happens if a Fracture Is Left Untreated?

The immediacy of treating a fracture is important because the injury can get worse, leading to more pain and further complications if left untreated. Bones have exceptional healing capabilities, so treating them right ensures a full recovery. You’ll avoid more pain and complications by getting medical care for your fracture as soon as possible. 

Conditions to ensure your fracture heals include:

  • Stability: Wherever the bone fracture occurs, it’s crucial to ensure the bone has proper alignment while recovering. If it doesn’t, the bones will connect unevenly, leading to more pain and complications while the structural integrity of the area is unstable.
  • Nutrients: Your bones will heal better if you fuel your body with nutrients that can aid in supporting the bones. Calcium helps build strong bones, so eating and drinking more items with calcium while healing can help strengthen your bones as they reconnect. 
  • Blood supply: The curative components in your blood help heal your bones when they endure a fracture. You’ll experience faster healing when the tissues receive an adequate blood supply. 

Whether minor or severe, you can visit Ortho OIC to receive specialized treatment whenever you sustain a bone fracture. Depending on the severity of your injury, we’ll ensure you get a cast in Arlington, Virginia. Our dedicated specialists have experience treating fractures and we’ll help you heal properly to restore you to your normal function.

If you or someone you know has a broken bone, come to Ortho OIC. We’ll ensure you receive quality broken bone treatment. Book an appointment today through our online portal or call to speak with a member of our specialist team.

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