Treating an Ankle Sprain at Urgent Care

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Are you experiencing pain, swelling, and tenderness in your ankle? These could be signs of an acute ankle sprain. Ankle sprains are a common injury resulting from a traumatic incident causing tears in the ligaments. When should you seek medical attention for an ankle sprain at urgent care? OrthoOIC is ready to help with your orthopedic urgent care needs in Alexandria, VA, Arlington, VA, and the surrounding Washington D.C. suburbs.

Signs of an Ankle Sprain

Symptoms of ankle sprains may include pain, swelling, and bruising. Causes of ankle sprains range from trauma to the ankle bone to stretching or torn ligaments. Ankle sprains are often due to rapid movement, twisting motions, or uneven surfaces. Ankle sprains are a common sports injury, often treated at OrthoOIC. An ankle sprain injury falls into three grades, with grade 1 being a mild strain and grade 3 being a complete tendon rupture.

Treating Ankle Sprains at an Orthopedic Urgent Care

If you experience a sprained ankle, you can get the highest quality treatment at an orthopedic urgent care. Treatment typically involves ice, medication, and compression. In some cases, immobilization in a walking cast or boot may be necessary. An orthopedic specialist will help with your treatment plan by recommending strengthening and stretching exercises. The recovery time for ankle sprains varies based on the severity.

Visit the Best Orthopedic Urgent Care in Alexandria, VA

Knowing the symptoms, causes, and treatment options for ankle sprains will help determine your need for orthopedic immediate care. If you’re in Alexandria, VA, Arlington, VA, or the Washington D.C. area and need orthopedic urgent care, OrthoOIC is ready to serve you. You can make an appointment with a specialized provider. We are also proud to offer Virginia orthopedic walk-in clinic services. You are in good hands with OrthoOIC to treat an ankle sprain at urgent care. Don’t let ankle pain hold you back – seek the care you need today. Schedule an appointment today or call (703) 566-6359.