Broken Rib Treatment at Urgent Care

Broken Rib Treatment at Urgent Care

The ribs are one of the strongest bone structures in the body. It’s no wonder they cause severe chest pain and discomfortwhen broken. But what is broken rib treatment? Is it necessary to go to the emergency room? Can an urgent care assess and provide broken rib treatment? Yes! OrthoOIC is an orthopedic urgent care in Arlington, VA, equipped to evaluate and treat musculoskeletal injuries, including broken ribs.

How Do I Know If I Broke A Rib?

A broken rib can result from various incidents. Most rib injuries occur from blunt force, like a severe fall, sports injury, or serious accident. A rib fracture may cause pain in your chest area, notably when you breathe in or cough. You may also notice swelling or tenderness around the affected ribs. There may also be bruising on the surface or the feeling or sounds of a crack. 

Broken Rib Treatment at Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room

Regardless of the cause, patients require immediate care for a broken rib. While some may instinctively head to the emergency room, an urgent care center can offer a more efficient solution. You can avoid the long waits and costly bills of the emergency room. OrthoOIC is an Arlington urgent care specializing in orthopedic care. At orthopedic urgent care, professionals are well-versed in handling musculoskeletal injuries, making them the ideal choice for broken rib treatment. With on-site x-rays, we can offer a quick assessment and prompt treatment plan for your broken rib.  

What to Expect for Treatment for Broken Ribs

The broken rib treatment process typically begins with a comprehensive examination. X-rays will confirm the diagnosis and location of the fracture in the rib. This initial step is crucial in determining the extent of the injury and tailoring an appropriate treatment plan. The broken rib treatment is generally ice, rest, and pain management. We can help prescribe painkillers and suggest strategies for pain management.

Get the Care You Deserve at a Dedicated Orthopedic Urgent Care

After a traumatic fall or accident, the discomfort of a broken rib may have you questioning whether to head to the emergency room or an urgent care center. OrthoOIC is the top Arlington urgent care for your orthopedic needs. Get an accurate diagnoses and on-site services. With flexible hours, walk-in appointments, and cost-effective care options, you get the quality care you deserve at a dedicated orthopedic urgent care center. Call OrthoOIC in Arlington, VA, today at(703) 566-6359.