Getting an X-Ray at an Urgent Care

X-Ray Near Me Urgent Care in Arlington

The X-ray is a very critical tool used in healthcare. Often, when you have an injury, the first, critical diagnostic question is whether the injury is minor or if it involves broken bones. This article will discuss the benefits of getting an x-ray near me urgent care like at Ortho OIC in Arlington VA.

What is a Digital X-Ray?

Digital imaging is a non-invasive procedure that allows doctors to examine various parts of the body including bones, lungs, kidneys, heart, and stomach. Digital X-rays produce nearly 80% less radiation too.

Benefits of Getting an X-Ray at an Urgent Care

There are lots of different benefits to utilizing a X-ray near me urgent care like Ortho OIC in Arlington VA to get your X-rays done. 

1) Improved Communication

Getting an X-ray at urgent care allows the care team to get to the root of the problem very quickly, which enables them to speak to the patient more effectively. They can also show the nature of the problem to the patient and offer a suitable solution for the next step in the care process.

2) Faster Diagnosis

One of the best perks of getting your X-ray at urgent care is the faster diagnosis. At urgent care, the staff doesn’t have to wait for the reports from the local hospital, which cuts the wait time in half. Not only that but X-ray technology is easily utilized to integrate the images over the internet which allows other specialists to get results fast.

3) Quality Results

The clarity offered by X-rays majorly benefits urgent care work, leaving no confusion about the type of injury since professionals can easily see the damage on the scan. The increasing availability of digital X-rays offers increased technology for the scan. It makes the diagnosis super easy and convenient. 

4) Less Expensive Option

Another great part of urgent care is that the cost is considerably less than going to the emergency. Typically, charges are 80 percent less at urgent care. While this is a rough estimate, you are still going to pay less than going through emergency room treatments.

5) Shorter Wait Times

Even though urgent care is usually first-come, first-serve basis, Ortho OIC does have availability to schedule appointments too. Getting an X-ray at urgent care is going to have you spend way less time waiting for results than if you went through your primary care physician or through emergency services.

Getting an X-Ray Near Me Urgent Care in Arlington

If you are in need of an x-ray near me urgent care in Arlington VA, consider seeing our specialists at Ortho OIC. Our model is to provide high-quality orthopedic urgent care services in a location that is accessible from home or while at work.

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