Fracture Specialist Questions and Answers

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Fracture Specialist Near Me in Arlington, VA

Fracture Specialist Near Me in Arlington, VA

Fractures occur when the bone cracks, and leads to swelling, inflammation, tenderness and pain. After the doctor diagnoses your fracture, they will align it and restrict it from moving, typically with the use of a cast or splint. Fractures do not heal properly on their own and always require medical treatment. After treatment, most fractures heal without problem and normal function is restored.

Which treatment is best for bone fractures?

It is important to ensure that the injured area returns to its normal function after the fracture heals. To achieve this, an immobilization technique is completed by either non-operative or surgical methods.

Non-operative (closed) therapy comprises of splinting, bracing or casting.

Casting — Closed reduction is done for any fracture that is shortened, displaced, or angulated. Splints and casts made up of plaster or fiberglass are used to immobilize the limb and keep it from becoming misaligned.

Can a fracture heal without surgery?

While a severely broken bone may require surgery to ensure proper alignment and healing, most fractures do not require invasive procedures. For example, the most common treatment for a fracture is a cast or split, which is applied externally to provide support for the bone and to keep it in place. Surgery is not required in the majority of these situations.

What happens if a fracture is left untreated?

If you fracture a bone, it is vitally important that you get it treated right away. The stress of a broken bone can be quite substantial, regardless of where the fracture took place in the body, which means that you have to act sooner rather than later.

Bones have exceptional healing capabilities. When they are treated correctly, they can make a full recovery and return to perfect working order. However, if left untreated, or not treated properly, the problem can get worse and lead to more pain and further complications.

When a fracture occurs, the bones have separated. A total fracture implies a complete split, whereas a partial fracture means that some of the bone is still connected.

In most cases, the doctor will set the bone and properly align it so that the two sides can connect and heal. New tissue will grow and fill in the gap, so your bones will be back to normal.

To ensure that this process happens without difficulty, these conditions have to be met.

Stability — If the bones are not properly aligned, then they will connect unevenly. If that happens, it could impact the structural integrity of the area and lead to more pain and complications.

Blood Supply — Your bones heal due to the curative components of your blood. Thus, it is of vital importance that the tissues receive adequate blood supplied to the site to promote expeditious healing.

Nutrients — It is common knowledge that calcium helps build strong bones, so it’s especially important to consume the right nutrients when they are healing.

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