What Is the Difference Between Orthopedics and Physiotherapy?

What Is the Difference Between Orthopedics and Physiotherapy?

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Orthopedics Clinic Near Me in Arlington VA
Orthopedics Clinic Near Me in Arlington VA

Table Of Contents:

What is the difference between orthopedics and physiotherapy?
What does an orthopedic physiotherapist do?
What treatments do you offer?
How do I find the best orthopedic doctor in Arlington VA?

What is the difference between orthopedics and physiotherapy?

Many will suffer from an injury to their musculoskeletal system which includes muscle strains, torn ligaments, broken bones, and dislocations. In the end, it may be a difficult decision to go the route of physiotherapy or an orthopedist.

Physiotherapy helps free patients from the pain that they may be experiencing and prevents the patient from needing to come back as it allows them to lead a much better quality of life. With physiotherapy, the patients are able to build up muscle strength and endurance within their body, restoring the range of motion in the treatment area, improving the patients hand and feet coordination, and getting rid of any pain while reducing the swelling and inflammation of the joints.

However, if the patient’s tissues are injured to an extent that physiotherapy is not able to help and is not effective for the injured areas, in the end, they would need to be stitched back together, which is when orthopedic surgeons are required. If the patient is dealing with a serious fracture or a torn ligament, surgery will be required to allow proper healing, with physiotherapy provided after to strengthen the tissues, muscles, and tendons once more.

What does an orthopedic physiotherapist do?

Orthopedic physiotherapists offer a diagnosis and treatment for any disorders from injuries to conditions with the bones, ligaments, joints, muscles, and tendons. Musculoskeletal conditions will affect patients whenever, it does not discriminate against their gender or age, and often these conditions will leave the patients from living their best life. Anyone dealing with issues will benefit from seeing an orthopedic physiotherapist.

Orthopedic physiotherapists work with the following specific areas of the patient’s body, including:

● Hips
● Knees
● Shoulders
● Elbows
● Hands
● Spine
● Feet
● And ankles

Orthopedic physiotherapists perform and manipulate the patient’s body to bring treatment, healing and provide long-term rehabilitation to their patients. Orthopedic physiotherapists will provide treatment for their patient’s illnesses, disorders, any issues with the joints, tendons, bones, ligaments, and muscles.

What treatments do you offer?

Orthopedic physiotherapy can be life-changing for many when they are dealing with an injury, pain, or issue. Our orthopedic physiotherapists allow their patients to get back on track with their daily lives. Orthopedic physiotherapy works to involve the entire musculoskeletal system including the following:

● Bones
● Muscles
● Joints
● Ligaments and tendons
● Connective tissue

Orthopedic physiotherapists have the ability to evaluate your condition and diagnose the issue that you are dealing with by:

● Deciding the appropriate movement diagnosis
● Producing a treatment plan for their patients
● Providing therapeutic care
● Offering information about how to manage the current injury or condition to prevent further injury

Ortho OIC Orthopaedic Immediate Care offers the following treatments at our clinic:

● Sports Medicine
● Strains and Sprains Treatment
● Fractures Treatment
● Workplace Injuries Treatment
● Back Pain Treatment
● Neck Pain Treatment
● Knee Injury Treatment
● Orthopedic Urgent Care
● Workers Compensation
● Shoulder Injury Treatment

How do I find the best orthopedic doctor in Arlington VA?

You can start by using a search engine like Google or Bing and use search engine phrases including “Best Orthopaedic Doctor near me”, “Best Orthopaedic Doctor in Arlington VA” or other similar phrases to help bring multiple results that you can review from their websites, the content and information provided, as well as any photos, and the doctor’s certifications.

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