Patient Testimonials of Ortho OIC Orthopaedic Immediate Care in Arlington, VA

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Susan V.

I was treated very well. The Doc was very attentive.

Regina S.

Great patient care. Nice staff, short wait.

Christan S.

Very polite and professional staff. Thorough check of my issue. Number of treatment options offered. Basically no waiting. Highly recommended!

Maksym I.

I’ve had only pleasant experiences with Ortho OIC after coming in the first time with a broken wrist and no appointment! They performed closed reduction and kept me informed on what the x-rays looked like and what would happen for me to recquire surgery – luckily no surgery was needed but I feel like I had the right amount of follow up appointments and x-rays needed to make sure everything was healed. Staff was always really nice and answered all my questions, and I never felt uncomfortable.

Nicole L.