Urgent Care Cortisone Shot to Get You Back In The Action

Urget Care Cortisone Shot

A cortisone shot is also known as a corticosteroid injection. Administered quickly a conveniently at urgent care, cortisone shots are used to relieve inflammation often caused by common injuries. A quick reduction in swelling also helps relieve pain and facilitate faster healing. A visit to your Arlington urgent care for cortisone shots is a simple process. Cortisone shots can be administered at urgent care for sports injuries like joint pain, sprains, and tendonitis. Urgent care cortisone shots also offer quick relief for conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, or allergies. OrthoOIC is able to serve patients with services including cortisone shots at our Arlington urgent care. 

Relief from Cortisone Shots at Arlington Urgent Care

When other conservative treatments like rest, physical therapy, or medication fail to provide sufficient relief, an urgent care cortisone shot may provide the relief you need. Cortisone shots are carefully administered to the affected area, such as a joint or specific muscle tendon. To find the precise injection location, to maximize the benefits of the cortisone shot, patients may need an x-ray. Fortunately, OrthoOIC offers quick and convenient x-rays at Arlington urgent. Some patients start to feel relief from the swelling almost immediately. While total pain relief and reduction in swelling may take a few days or up to a week, athletes can almost immediately return to training. 

How Long Will Cortisone Shots Last?

While urgent care cortisone shots can provide effective short-term relief, they are not a permanent solution. The swelling reduction and pain relief can last a few days to a few months. However, cortisone shots are typically part of a comprehensive treatment plan, possibly including physical therapy, rest, and rehabilitation. While cortisone shots at urgent care are a convenient and immediate option for temporary care, it is crucial to follow the healthcare provider’s instructions about reduced or modified activity to optimize the benefits of the cortisone shot and prevent further injury.

Getting Arlington Urgent Care Cortisone Shots

You can find excellent, comprehensive when you visit OrthoOIC, your premiere Arlington urgent care. We are proud to serve patients from all over Northern Virginia and get you back in the action with cortisone shots for your comfort and convenience.  Schedule an appointment using our online portal or call to speak with our office for your cortisone shots at our Arlington urgent care.