Bouncing Back from Pickleball Injuries

Pickleball isn’t a dangerous sport. The only danger is finding a new fun pastime rapidly growing throughout the US. However, pickleball injuries are rising almost as quickly as the trendy sport itself. Sports Medicine Orthopedics are seeing more common injuries, like shoulder and knee pain, wrist sprains, and fractures. 

Welcome to the Craze of Pickleball

Pickleball is a game that combines the skills of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. Pickleball is less strenuous than traditional tennis, so it is easily played and enjoyed by the young and old. The rules are pretty simple, and the game is easy to pick up (and maybe get addicted to!) You can play pickleball on badminton or a modified court, with simple equipment of paddles and a ball, and you can play singles or doubles, just like tennis. 

What Causes Pickleball Injuries?

Pickleball injuries tend to come from overuse or acute injuries from falls. Overuse pickleball injuries often happen in muscles and joints, causing issues like overstretched tendons or 

sprains. Pickleball includes bending, pivoting, shuffling, quick bursts and stops. Stretching, warming up, and easing into any new physical activity will help your body prevent common sports injuries. More acute injuries like torn ligaments or fractures are from specific, quick movements that the body is not accustomed to or tripping and falling. 

Pickleball Injuries Treatment at Urgent Care

Pickleball is a great new pastime and hopefully, one that will continue to grow and encourage people to be active. When pickleball injuries occur, a convenient visit to urgent care should get you back on the court as quickly as possible. Most common sports injuries can be assessed by orthopedic urgent care, like OrthoOIC, and treated before becoming too serious. We will match your enthusiasm about pickleball and work to get you healed and back on the court quickly.