Treatment for Broken Bone at Orthopedic Urgent Care Center

Broken bone orthopedic urgent care

Can you be seen for a broken bone at urgent care? Yes, you can! Urgent care centers, especially those specializing in orthopedic immediate care or sports medicine urgent care are equipped to evaluate and treat broken bones. If you suspect you have a broken bone, it is essential to seek appropriate medical attention. OrthoOIC (Orthopedic Immediate Care) is ready to help. 

Treating a Broken Bone at Urgent Care

Upon arriving at an orthopedic urgent care center, we will assess the severity of the injury. Our providers will take x-rays to determine the exact location of the fracture and how the bone is fractured. Our orthopedic urgent care center provides clear, quick, high-quality X-ray images. The orthopedic immediate care provider will evaluate the results and provide a diagnosis and treatment plan. 

Treatment for a broken bone at urgent care typically involves stabilization and pain management. A splint or cast may be necessary. Sports medicine urgent care clinics are excellent at providing treatment to start your healing process and reduce the risk of further injury. The provider may recommend you follow up with an orthopedic specialist for a complete evaluation.

Why Visit an Orthopedic Urgent Care Center

Orthopedic urgent care centers are convenient options for minor emergencies like broken bones, as they offer shorter wait times and more extended operating hours than traditional emergency rooms. Injuries happen beyond normal clinic hours, but our orthopedic office is open on Saturday. OrthoOIC does not require appointments and is happy to serve the Northern Virginia area for those searching for an orthopedic clinic near me. Urgent care clinics typically cost less than emergency room visits. The next time you are in need, know you’re in good hands for treating a broken bone at urgent care with OrthoOIC.