Where Can I Get a Cortisone Shot Near Me? 

Cortisone Shot Near Me

Curious about what are cortisone shots and finding cortisone injectinos near me? Cortisone shots or corticosteroid injections provide relief for patients experiencing pain and inflammation. When struggling with pain from an orthopedic injury like tendonitis, joint pain, or sprains, patients search for cortisone injections near me. OrthoOIC in Arlington, VA, is the answer if you want to know where to find cortisone shot near me.

What are Cortisone Shots?

OrthoOIC offers cortisone shots as part of its advanced treatment solutions. These injections have many benefits for conditions that involve inflammation and pain in the joints, tendons, and soft tissues. Cortisone injections directly target the affected joint, reducing inflammation and alleviating discomfort. While, they are not a permanent solution, cortisone injections are an excellent option for inflammation reduction and pain relief that can last a few days to a few months.  Cortisone shots at urgent care are a convenient and immediate option for temporary care. But they are often also part of a comprehensive treatment plan for common orthopedic injuries. 

What Can Cortisone Shots Help With?

Patients experiencing joint pain or inflammation seek cortisone shots for a quick reduction in swelling. Cortisone injections also help relieve pain and facilitate faster healing. A provider may recommend cortisone shots for conditions like tendonitis or bursitis. Common sports injuries are often treated with cortisone shots. Musculoskeletal conditions, like shoulder or knee injuries, sprains or strains after often treated with cortisone shots. This treatment helps to promote recover and improve functionality or mobility of the injured area. 

Get Relief with Cortisone Injections Near Me

Recovery from orthopedic injuries does not need to include unbearable pain. Searching “where can I get a cortisone shot near me?” may provide effective short-term relief. OrthoOIC is the answer when you need quick, convenient for cortisone injections near me. Our team is ready to get you back in the action. You can schedule an appointment using our online portal. Or call to speak with our office for your cortisone shots at our Arlington urgent care.