Everything You Need to Know About Visiting a Pediatric Orthopedics Urgent Care

Pediatric Orthopedics Near Me in Arlington with Appointments Online

Ortho OIC in Arlington VA offers pediatric orthopedics urgent care for the diagnosis and treatment of acute injuries caused by a fall, twist, or blow to the body and includes sprains, strains, and broken/fractured bones from every day activities or sports injuries. 

These kinds of injuries typically need immediate medical attention but are not life-threatening. We provide extended-hours care so your family can receive treatment for injuries or condition flare-ups outside of standard office hours.

We offer pediatric orthopedics appointments online for booking ahead. This feature makes it even easier for you to receive the quality care you need on a predictable schedule. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about what our pediatric orthopedics urgent care can offer. 

How to Know if Your Child’s Injury Qualifies for Urgent Care

Urgent care services are usually provided for patients that have acute injuries that are not life threatening. Examples of these types of injuries include new injuries as a result of sudden trauma, sports injuries, possible broken or fractured bones, or ligament sprains and muscle/tendon strains.  

Injuries that would not qualify for urgent care and would need emergency services or a regular orthopedic visit are pre-existing conditions, overuse injuries due to repetitive movements, life-threatening and limb-threatening deformities such as open fractures or dislocations, or follow-up appointments.  

What is the Process for Using Pediatric Orthopedics Urgent Care

With pediatric orthopedics urgent care, you can avoid the long emergency wait times only to then be referred to a pediatric orthopedist. Visiting our pediatric orthopedics urgent care allows you to save time and money while getting the quality care you deserve. 

Urgent cares often see patients on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, we also allow advanced, online booking to secure your appointment in advance. 

An orthopedic specialist will evaluate your child so you can be confident that you are getting an accurate exam and diagnosis. By skipping the emergency room, you will be starting your treatment and recovery earlier. 

Benefits of Visiting an Orthopedic Urgent Care

Going to an orthopedic urgent care center can provide you with many benefits to ensure your injury or condition receives medical attention. 

Specialty Care Access

When you visit an orthopedic urgent care center, you work with specialists who can provide a diagnosis and solutions to your specific orthopedic issue. 

Shorter Wait Times and Quicker Care

Urgent care centers usually have a reasonable wait time before a patient is seen by a medical professional. Patients who visit urgent care centers don’t have life-threatening injuries or conditions, so the care requires less testing. 

Extended Hours Available

If you or someone you know gets injured during the night or on the weekend when many doctor offices are closed, you can still receive care by visiting an urgent care center. We offer extended hours 6 days a week.

Various Appointment Styles

Orthopedic Immediate Care offers a variety of different appointment styles including in-person, secure online video, and workers compensation appointments. This makes quality care even more accessible to you. 

Pediatric Orthopedics Near Me in Arlington with Appointments Online

Orthopedic Immediate Care Arlington is one of the first independent orthopedic urgent care facilities in the US. We are proud to offer this unique and valuable service to the Washington metro community including Arlington, Falls Church, Fairfax, Alexandria and more.

Our model is to provide high-quality orthopedic urgent care services in a location that is accessible from home or while at work. When you’re ready to get treatment, you can schedule an appointment online or contact us to speak with a specialist today!