Discover Sports Medicine at Urgent Care

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Orthopedic sports medicine is not just for professional athletes. OrthoOIC is a specialized urgent care in Arlington, VA, providing high-quality sports medicine care to anyone experiencing muscle or ligament issues.

Who Benefits from Orthopedic Sports Medicine?

At OrthoOIC, orthopedics and sports medicine go hand in hand. Orthopedic sports medicine caters to a broad spectrum of individuals seeking to improve athletic performance, recover from injuries, and prevent future mishaps. The doctors at our urgent care in Arlington, VA, specialize in the musculoskeletal system, addressing acute and overuse injuries. Whether recovering from an injury or aiming to enhance your exercise routine, orthopedic sports medicine has plenty to offer all patients.

Common Sports Injuries 

OrthoOIC can be your go-to destination for common sports injuries, including ankle sprains, ACL tears, hip flexor strains, and rotator cuff tears. These injuries often result from specific sports movements or repetitive actions. Common sports injuries may cause pain, swelling, and reduced mobility. 

Treatment Option at Urgent Care in Arlington, VA

OrthoOIC is the leading orthopedic urgent care in Arlington, VA. We offer cutting-edge treatment options to get athletes back to practicing and playing the sports they love. We provide diagnostic, treatment, and prevention plans for injuries that commonly occur from playing sports or exercising. Our team can also help prescribe rehabilitation plans and prescriptions to expedite the healing process and restore functionality.  

Looking for Sports Medicine Urgent Care Near Me

OrthoOIC is the most reliable sports medicine urgent care in Arlington, VA. Our commitment to excellence is to utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure you get back on your feet faster and feel stronger. Orthopedic sports medicine is a transformative field providing personalized care for athletes and individuals. At OrthoOIC in Arlington, VA, we prioritize your care with top-notch treatment options and expert guidance. Schedule an appointment today to experience the difference in sports medicine urgent care.