Prevent Shoulder Injuries

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Your shoulders are active in almost every movement, from reaching for objects to engaging in sports activities. The shoulders endure constant strain, so not surprisingly, they are prone to injuries. Shoulder injuries are often preventable with proper stretching and strengthening. However, when an injury occurs, you want to find the best orthopedic immediate care for shoulder injuries at urgent care.

Understanding Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries often result from repetitive movements or excessive arm motion. They are common sports injuries in activities like baseball or swimming. Routine, daily activities like hanging curtains or placing items on shelves can often cause sudden shoulder pain. Factors like aging, bursitis, dislocation, frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, and rotator cuff damage can contribute to shoulder complications, making it crucial to prioritize shoulder health and injury prevention.

3 Tips for Preventing Shoulder Injuries

Always Warm Up Before Exercising

To prevent shoulder injuries, dedicate 10 minutes to proper warm-up exercises before engaging in physical activity. Stretches and a brief cardio session help raise your heart rate and activate synovial fluid, ensuring your joints are well-lubricated and ready for movement.

Incorporate Cross-Training

Mix up your workout routine to prevent overuse of specific muscle groups. Athletes, in particular, should consider cross-training by varying their workouts or even learning to use the non-dominant arm in sports. You can minimize the risk of common sports injuries associated with repetitive overhead motions.

Build Shoulder Strength

Strengthening your shoulders through targeted exercises with proper form is essential for joint stability and injury prevention. You should consult with your primary care doctor before starting a strengthening program. To prevent needing treatment for shoulder injuries at urgent care, ensure the exercises align with your needs and health conditions.

Finding Treatment for Shoulder Injuries at Urgent Care

In the unfortunate event of a shoulder injury, timely and appropriate treatment is crucial. Prioritizing shoulder health through preventive measures and seeking prompt treatment for injuries is essential for maintaining an active and pain-free lifestyle. When you need treatment for shoulder injuries at urgent care, our expert sports medicine team can help. OrthoOIC proudly offers convenient weekend appointments, walk-in orthopedic care, and scheduled appointmentswhen you need the best orthopedic immediate care.