Tackling Repetitive Stress Injuries in Youth Sports

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We continue to watch youth sports grow in popularity each year. With that, we continue to see common sports injuries occur more often in youth athletes. Common sports injuries, such as Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs), can significantly impact an athlete’s performance and overall well-being. RSIs occur from repetitive movements causing damage to bones, tendons, or joints. Stress injuries in youth are more frequent because the growth plate areas are particularly susceptible to injury. OrthoOIC offers convenient, specialized care for orthopedic urgent care issues like stress injuries in Arlington, VA. 

What Causes Repetitive Stress Injuries from Sports?

Any athlete can fall victim to these common sports injuries, but younger athletes are especially prone to RSIs. Overuse or improper training methods are most often the cause of stress injuries in Arlington, VA. Bone, tendon, or joint weakness from previous injuries heightens the risk, especially for growing and developing athletes. At OrthoOIC we frequently treat stress fractures, swimmer’s shoulder, elbow pain, runner’s knee, jumper’s knee, tendonitis (Achilles injuries), and shin splints.

Treating Common Stress Injuries in Arlington, VA

Recognizing the signs of RSIs is crucial for early intervention, especially in youth athletes. Pain, swelling, redness, stiffness, and weakness are the first indicators of common sports injuries. A visit to the top orthopedic urgent care center in Arlington, VA, offers specialized orthopedic care focused on treating musculoskeletal issues. You will receive a thorough evaluation, with access to advanced imaging options like x-rays, and a targeted treatment plan. OrthoOIC is a dedicated orthopedic urgent care center, that emphasizes a patient-centered approach to help athletes recover and return to sports activities quickly.

Convenient Care for RSIs at OrthoOIC

Sports safety is imperative to our team at OrthoOIC. To avoid repetitive stress injuries in our youth athletes, we suggest limiting the number of teams played per season, diversifying sports throughout the year, and safe training practices. OrthoOIC is the top specialized urgent care center in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. for common sports injuries. We offer extended hours for orthopedic care on weekends. You can rely on OrthoOIC for urgent care walk-in needs or convenient scheduled appointments.