Don’t Let Shoulder Pain from Swimming Ruin Your Summer

Swimmer's Shoulder causing shoulder pain from swimming

If you’re suffering from shoulder pain after your summer swims, we may have some answers why. Most shoulder pain, especially when starting a new routine and working on new muscle groups, is not cause for concern and is easily treated. Swimmer’s shoulder, known as a shoulder impingement, is a type of shoulder tendinitis. The tendons in the shoulder become inflamed and swollen, pinching and pressing on nearby bones, muscles, or other tendons.

Common Orthopedic Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder impingement may stem from the tightness of chest and shoulder muscles, weakness of lesser-used shoulder muscles, or overusing fatigued muscles. Frequent strain to shoulder muscles from repeated lifting or reaching overhead can cause the pain associated with swimmer’s shoulder. Tendinitis is a common sports injury experienced by baseball players, tennis players, and swimmers. Other professionals, like construction workers and electricians, are prone to shoulder tendon pain as well.

Swimmer’s Shoulder Symptoms

Early detection and treatment of swimmer’s shoulder may lead to a faster recovery. Common orthopedic shoulder injuries often present similar symptoms. But there are some specific swimmer’s shoulder symptoms to look out for if you are active in the water. As with many common orthopedic shoulder injuries, you may feel weakness, aching, or a limited range of motion. Swimmer’s shoulder symptoms present pain in the front of the should, especially when reaching overhead or behind the back. Swimmer’s shoulder pain may intensify when pressure is applied, so sleeping on the affected shoulder may be difficult. 

What is the Swimmer’s Shoulder Recovery Time?

Swimmer’s shoulder recovery time varies depending on the severity of the injury. Most importantly, a proper diagnosis of swimmer’s shoulder and an appropriate rest period will start your swimmer’s shoulder recovery time. There are many swimmer’s shoulder exercises that can aid in the recovery time as well. With proper rest, swimmer’s shoulder exercises, and other treatments recommended by orthopedic specialists at OrthoOIC, most people recover within several weeks to a few months. However, in some cases, it may take up to a year to regain full strength and function.

Treatment for Swimmer’s Shoulder

Swimmer’s shoulder may initially feel like muscle soreness or a noticeable reduction in range of motion. Patients should not ignore symptoms or delay initial treatments and healing for too long. Left untreated, the causes of swimmer’s shoulder can lead to more serious damage, like rotator cuff tear. Treatments for swimmer’s shoulder may include rest, ice, heat, and pain medication. Cortisone injections (also called steroid injections) are helpful for treating many common orthopedic shoulder injuries. Finding cortisone shots near me helps reduce the inflammation and relieve the pain caused by swimmer’s shoulder and aid in active rehabilitation from most common orthopedic injuries. 

Swimmer’s Shoulder Exercises

While rest from major impact is important for the quickest swimmer’s shoulder recovery time, there are specific exercises that can help relieve pain and improve range of motion. When recovering from swimmer’s shoulder, focus on gentle movements that enhance mobility and strengthen the muscles supporting your shoulder joint. When creating a recovery program for swimmer’s shoulder, focus on exercises that will increase the range of motion, strengthen rotator cuff muscles, and improve stability to the shoulder blades. Consulting a physical therapist allows them to tailor a program specific to your needs, ensuring a safe and effective path to pain-free swimming.

Visit a Sports Medicine Urgent Care for Shoulder Pain

When you see a sports medicine doctor at OrthoOIC, you can get the best assessment of your swimmer’s shoulder or any other shoulder pain. Our specialists can help address performance issues that may be causing your shoulder pain. Sports medicine doctors can also suggest alternative workouts that will keep you active this summer while relieving the pain caused by swimmer’s shoulder. Visit our Orthopedic Urgent Care for convenient service and quality care for your sports injuries.