Time to See a Doctor for Knee Pain from Sports

Knee Pain from Sports Common Sports Injuries

Knowing when to seek medical attention is crucial to ensure prompt and effective treatment if you have suffered a knee injury or are experiencing knee pain as a common sports injury. Typical aches and discomfort can be a part of an athlete’s experience, but particular signs and symptoms may raise red flags and prompt a visit to an orthopedic urgent care near me. Read more to decide when is the right time to visit Orthopedic Immediate Care (OrthoOIC) for specialized care for knee pain from sports.

Time to See a Doctor for Knee Pain

If you experience persistent pain for more than a few days after a common sports injury, we suggest you visit an orthopedic urgent care center for an evaluation. Severe or sharp pain is an initial alert to seek medical attention. But, pain accompanied by swelling or redness around the knee joint could indicate an issue such as a ligament tear or an infection.

Limited Knee Mobility with Common Sports Injuries

After common sports injuries, watch for limited knee mobility or loss of range of motion in the knee. Difficulty bearing weight on the affected leg or if the knee feels unstable during physical activity are red flags for concern after common sports injuries. These symptoms may signify ligament or cartilage damage. Also, take serious attention to popping or clicking sounds from the knee. If you experience these symptoms, you want to visit a sports medicine urgent care to address the concerns.

Knee Pain from Sports Overuse Injuries

Furthermore, athletes should be alert to signs of overuse injuries, such as tendinitis or stress fractures from repetitive sports-related movements. If knee pain from sports persists despite rest or the pain worsens during or after physical activity, you should seek sports medicine urgent care. Do not dismiss any pain that interferes with daily activities or affects the overall quality of life, including sleep quality. If you are concerned that knee pain after a common sports injury is abnormal or taking too long to heal, visit Orthopedic Urgent Care (OrthoOIC) in Arlington, Virginia, for an assessment and treatment plan.