Get to the Bottom of Knee Pain from Sports

Knee pain is a common sports injury for athletes in nearly any sport. Knee pain from sports can occur from overuse, repetitive injuries, or improper technique. The knee joint is particularly vulnerable to strain and stress due to its complex structure and the significant forces it withstands during athletic activities and daily routines.

What is Causing Your Knee Pain from Sports?

Repetitive activities that pressure the knee, like running, jumping, or sudden changes in direction, can place excessive strain on the knee joint, leading to discomfort and inflammation. Knee pain may also be caused by movement patterns, like excessive inward or outward knee rotation. Abnormal movements or sudden, rapid actions can place undue stress on the joint, leading to knee pain and potential injury. 

Running with Knee Pain

Runner’s Knee” is prevalent in athletes who engage in activities with heavy knee flexion. It is a common sports injury for many athletes, not just runners. Patients may feel a dull pain around the front of the knee, which includes rubbing, grinding, or the clicking sound of the kneecap. Repetitive stress on the knee joint during activities can worsen pain symptoms and decrease function.

Acute Knee Injuries

Acute injuries, such as ligament sprains or meniscus tears are common sports injuries. Sudden twists, turns, or direct impacts to the knee can result in immediate pain, swelling, and instability. Ligament injuries, like anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears, are frequently seen in sports like soccer, basketball, and skiing, where rapid changes in direction are common.

Treating Knee Pain from Sports Injuries

If you feel sudden knee pain during a sports activity, an Urgent Care visit can help alleviate your pain. X-rays can get a closer, clearer look at the joint and decide the best treatment plan for your pain. OrthoOIC in Arlington, Virginia, offers efficient and expert medical care for common sports injuries in the Washington metro communities of Arlington, Falls Church, Fairfax, Alexandria, and more.