Perks of Urgent Care with X-ray Services 

urgent care x-rays

When accidents happen, having access to quality medical care becomes crucial. Broken bones or back pain may leave you searching for urgent care with x-rays near me. Urgent care centers with x-ray services are not always easy to find in Arlington, VA. Let’s explore the benefits of urgent care with X-ray and how to find the best urgent care near me. 

Benefits of Urgent Care with X-rays

One of the primary advantages of urgent care with x-ray services is prompt and accurate diagnosis. Whether you’ve experienced a sudden injury or are dealing with persistent pain, having on-site x-ray access helps healthcare providers accurately identify fractures, sprains, or other issues. This accessibility promotes early intervention and prevents minor medical issues from escalating into larger health concerns.

Treating a Broken Bone at Urgent Care

The most common and accurate way to evaluate a broken bone at urgent care is with x-rays. X-rays provide the medical team with a clear image of the bone. X-rays can pinpoint the location of a fracture and help determine the severity of the injury. Seeking treatment at an orthopedic urgent care center, like OrthoOIC, has benefits like access to cutting-edge technology. With the assistance of the x-ray at our urgent care center, our highly skilled specialists will determine how to set and stabilize your broken bone for quick and effective treatment. 

Additional Benefits of Urgent Care Centers

Additionally, our facility’s operating hours are flexible, with weekend hours. You can schedule a convenient appointment, but we also welcome walk-ins. We offer orthopedic services on Saturdays, providing peace of mind knowing you have reliable healthcare options when needed. Finding the best urgent care with x-ray services in Arlington, VA, offers a timely and efficient solution to unexpected health issues, no matter when you need care. The convenience, quick diagnosis, and accessibility of our urgent care center make us a top choice in Northern Virginia.