Sports Medicine Urgent Care for Ankle Sprains

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Ankle sprains are a pain. A misstep on the court or a twist on the trail can leave you with a painful, swollen ankle. You can get effective and rapid treatment at urgent care for ankle sprains. OrthoOIC is a sports medicine urgent care, staffed by orthopedic experts who understand the unique injuries to ankles. Compared to a traditional urgent care center, OrthoOIC’s sports medicine focus translates to a quicker diagnosis, targeted treatment plan, and a faster path to getting back in the game.

Benefits of OrthoOIC Sports Medicine Urgent Care 

• Expertise: The team at OrthoOIC consists of orthopedic specialists trained in injuries to the musculoskeletal system. Our sports medicine providers treat high school, college, and professional athletes. At OrthoOIC, you will get extensive experience diagnosing and treating all types of ankle sprains, from mild to severe.

• Speed and Efficiency: Urgent care for a sprained ankle will get you back on your feet. Unlike an emergency room with long wait times, urgent care can focus on less severe injuries, ensuring you receive prompt attention from a qualified professional.

• Comprehensive Treatment Plan: Your treatment starts with a thorough examination. Then, the team will develop a personalized treatment plan for your ankle injury. Treatment may include physical therapy, pain medication, or custom orthotics to support your ankle and promote healing.

Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room for Ankle Injuries

While emergency rooms are vital for life-threatening situations, a sports medicine urgent care for ankle sprains is a better choice. Urgent care centers offer shorter wait times and are specifically equipped to handle common sports injuries. You will be assessed by a healthcare professional quicker and receive treatment tailored to getting you back in the game, all at a significantly lower cost than an emergency room visit.

Treatment for Ankle Sprains at Urgent Care

Don’t let a sprained ankle sideline you. Visit OrthoOIC, a sports medicine urgent care center in Arlington, VA, for expert diagnosis and treatment that gets you back to your active lifestyle faster. Call (703) 566-6359 or request an appointment online today.