Urgent Care for Lower Back Pain in VA

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Back pain is a common complaint in orthopedic urgent care centers. As a key player in the musculoskeletal system, the back muscles bear the brunt of every movement, making the back susceptible to injuries and chronic conditions. Ignored back pain may signal an underlying serious condition. Patients deserve the correct diagnosis and prompt relief. A great place to start seeking care is with the top orthopedic urgent care for back pain in VA.

Mild to Severe Back Pain in Arlington, VA

Lower back pain may arise suddenly or develop gradually over days to weeks. Back pain may be from muscle sprains, falls, work-related injuries, common sports injuries, pinched nerves. Other, chronic, degenerative conditions like arthritis and ruptured discs cause back pain. Mild back pain may heal over time, but persistent pain accompanied by concerning symptoms needs attention. If you experience back pain paired with fever, urinary incontinence, numbness, tingling, or sudden weight loss, seek care at an urgent care center. OrthoOIC understands the urgency of back pain concerns. Our back pain specialists offer immediate attention to review symptoms and conduct thorough examinations. On-site x-rays aid in obtaining clear images, helping doctors rule out certain conditions and establish a preliminary diagnosis.

Visiting an Urgent Care for Back Pain in VA

An orthopedic urgent care team can treat less severe cases like strains, sprains, or minor fractures. We can provide durable medical equipment, such as back braces, to stabilize injuries during recovery. Back pain specialists also offer personalized care plans incorporating medications, heat/cold therapy, and more for effective pain relief. Cortisone shots for back pain at urgent care are a common treatment choice.

OrthoOIC is the Top Urgent Care for Back Pain in VA

Don’t let lower back pain linger—seek orthopedic urgent care for timely relief and lasting solutions. With specialized care for back pain in VA, OrthoOIC is the go-to destination for anyone looking for urgent care in Arlington, Virginia. Get comfort and relief from back pain with weekend hours, walk-in appointments, or appointments for your convenience.