Get Treated for Winter Injuries at Urgent Care

winter injuries at urgent care Arlington VA

We can never predict how mild or severe winter will be around Washington D.C. Quick changes in temperature and conditions may lead to winter injuries treatable at the top orthopedic urgent care in Arlington, VA. Slippery sidewalks and icy patches are the most common culprits for winter injuries seen at Northern Virginia urgent care centers. Fortunately, OrthoOIC is ready to address and treat winter injuries, ensuring you can enjoy the season with peace of mind.

Winter Visits to Orthopedic Urgent Care

A winter injury that often sends individuals seeking immediate care is the dreaded slip and fall. Whether it’s a misplaced step on an icy surface or a misjudged leap over a snowbank, these incidents can lead to ankle sprains, knee pain, and even fractures. Ankle sprains at urgent care are the most common sports injury we see in winter. Another common winter woe comes from shoveling snow. While the snow is often beautiful in Northern Virginia, the physical toll of clearing pathways can result in back pain and shoulder injuries

Common Winter Sports Injuries at Urgent Care

For winter sports enthusiasts, injuries related to activities such as skiing and ice skating are the most common winter sports injuries. From minor bruises to more severe fractures, mishaps can lessen the excitement of the season’s festivities. We have x-rays at our Arlington urgent care center, so injuries are promptly assessed and treated. We want everyone to return to their favorite winter pastimes quickly.

Benefits of Urgent Care

Our specialized orthopedic urgent care in Arlington, VA, offers expertise in diagnosing and treating these injuries. Save yourself time and stress if you experience a winter injury. One of the top benefits of urgent care is the convenience compared to a visit to the emergency room. At our orthopedic immediate care center, you can find everything you need when searching for specialized care and x-rays near me. By addressing these concerns with timely and specialized treatment, residents can confidently enjoy the seasonal beauty. Help is available just around the corner at the best orthopedic urgent care in Alexandria, VA, Arlington, VA, and the surrounding Washington D.C. area.