A Look at Overuse Injuries in the Hand and WristOveruse

Overuse Injuries Hand and Wrist

We live in a digital society. Smartphones, gaming consoles, and computers dominate our daily lives. The increased use of technology at our fingertips has made life convenient. But our hands-on activities are also to blame for a rise in injuries to the wrist and hands. Overuse injuries are also more common sports injuries in recent years. And unfortunately, we are seeing overuse injuries to the hand and wrist at younger ages than ever before. 

Understanding Overuse Injuries

What is an overuse injury in the hand and wrist? Hand overuse injuries are commonly associated with repetitive motions, like typing, gaming, or sports activities like tennis or pickleball. These actions strain tendons and muscles, causing inflammation and pain. Continued use through pain, poor ergonomics, and improper technique and exercise exacerbate the risk. OrthoOIC in Arlington, VA, offers specialized care for overuse wrist or hand overuse injuries.

Common Sports Injuries in Northern Virginia

Sports overuse injuries are excessive strain from repetitive motion on specific body parts. Examples include tennis elbow, runner’s knee, and Achilles tendinitis. These injuries develop gradually over time and can cause pain, inflammation, and decreased performance if not addressed promptly with proper rest and treatment. Youth sports overuse injuries have been recently on the rise and are more prevalent in children who focus on multiple seasons of a single sport or don’t properly heal injuries before returning to play.

Preventing Wrist and Hand Injuries with OrthoOIC

Preventing these injuries requires a proactive approach. Take regular breaks and incorporate stretching exercises into your daily tech habits to significantly mitigate the risk. Maintain proper posture while engaging in these activities to reduce the risk of strain on the muscles and tendons of the hand and wrist. Let injuries to the hand and wrist fully heal before returning to activities. 

Visit OrthOIC for Overuse Injuries

By prioritizing self-care and seeking professional guidance when needed, individuals can safeguard themselves against the perils of hand overuse injuries. Do not let hand-overuse injuries hinder your digital habits or athletic goals. As a sports medicine urgent care center, we recognize overuse injuries. Schedule an appointment with OrthoOIC in Arlington to reduce inflammation, pain, or risk from wrist or hand overuse injuries.